Discover Bali

Volcano climbing

This can be easy when a road leads almost to the top or a 3 days trek experience when you have to do all the way by foot. Bromo volcano on Java, Batur on Bali are the easy ones.

Merapi volcano north of Jogjakarta and Kawah Ijen in East-Java can be done by anybody ready to sweat and walk few hours. Rinjani volcano on Lombok and Agung volcano on Bali are really tough and need previous mountain climbing experiences. Always use good shoes and bring warm clothes.

Countryside walks

By countryside walks we mean walks of a maximum of 3 hours but usually much less, which can be done by children. We distinguish them from treks which are longer walks and sometimes not suiting to everybody.


We provide easy cycling day or half day trips around villages and more or less flat countryside. They can be done by anyone. We can upgrade the difficulty on request.


The trekking we provide are walks between 3 and 8 hours, except trekking on the Rinjani national perk which can be 4 days long with overnights under a tent.


It can be a nice way to explore nature. But you should know that the prices are based on international standards (as is the level of security). In other words it is quite an expensive activity compared to many others in Indonesia

Fishing trips

You will experience traditional fishing techniques on a small fisherman boat. You may get more fishes than you can eat or none...

Anyway you will have been on water and see the world from another side…

Natural Parks

The best ones are located in East-Java. The National Park in West-Bali is usually disappointing. On the other hand the Rinjani National Park in Lombok is well managed and has a lot to see. In those parks you can do treks and sometimes sleep with the rangers or do camping (a guide is recommended).

Mountains and rice fields

In Bali, Java and Lombok you are never far from them, even if you decide to stay at a beach hotel. But still we advice you to spend some nights in the mountains to feel a more rural and authentic ambiance (the fresh air is enjoyable also, giving you a great break from the coastal heat). Balinese people are especially not very connected to the sea, that’s why you have to wonder in the mountains if you want to get in touch with the traditional life of the inhabitants and the spirit of the island.


To visit plantations, farms and learn about coffee production, rice cultivation is an exciting way to get in touch with the real every day life of the locals. East-Java is the best area for such an activity. Very recommended.

Cocks Fights

This is an exclusive men activity as you can imagine. They got a spiritual background (the blood of the cocks are purifying the village) but are of course an old way of gambling. They are spectacular but can be cruel.

It should be seen anyway if you want to see all sides of Balinese culture, the brilliant parts of it and also the darker sides.

Handycraft workshops

There are plenty of them. It can be very interesting to witness how the work is done, often with very simple working instruments. Some techniques are ancestral and the results brilliant. Bali is famous for it wood carvings and sculptures. Lombok for its weaving and pottery. In Java you can find any kind of handy craft as they supply the showrooms in Bali.

We do NOT bring you to handy craft workshops intending to get commissions.

Museums / art galleries

Some museums should really be seen if you are willing to understand the culture and history.

We selected the best of them.

Royal Palaces

Called “Puri” in Bali and “Kraton” in Java, this residences of formal kings are not always impressive in terms of luxury but usually offer a very special ambiance, bringing you back to older times.

Sometimes the “king” still lives there (the Sultan of Jogjakarta for instance) or the descendants of the latest king (it is often the case in Bali). A small museum might be attached to the palace but not always. The idea is to wonder around and “feel” the past.

Spiritual and worship monument

Temples, monasteries, and other worship places can be visited for historical or artistic interest. Some of you might be willing to enter more deeply into the spiritual aspect by practicing meditation or praying.

Traditional dance and music “shows”

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to attend traditional music or dancing events which are NOT “shows” (usually intended for the tourists) but authentic cultural events. This might be quite easy in Bali but more difficult in Java and Lombok. If there is no other opportunity we selected the “best” shows, regarding quality and authenticity.

Traditional festivities

Discover Bali Indonesia introduces you to authentic religious or traditional events. Usually you will be the only foreigners in the assembly: exceptional experiences for the travelers with some anthropological set of mind.